With iPhone X around the corner, here are some alternatives to AirPods

Ever since Apple in the controversial decision, removed the headphone jack from its flagship phone iPhone 7. People are skeptical about how it’ll turn out. To make things smoother and fill the market void. Apple released AirPods, the wireless earphones. Though there were already many Bluetooth headphones out there. But no earphone was as prominent as AirPods. There are already issues of sound quality and battery life with them. Add spice things up, it is short on availability.

As the things have always been in the history of mankind. If there is a need, there will be a solution. We have a number of wireless earphones popping up recently. It is kind of overwhelming to choose which ones would be best for you. That’s where I can help you. iPhone 8 is around the corner and I’ve curated lists on basis of different aspects of AirPods. Like

  • Price
  • Battery Life
  • Looks
  • Sports Compatibility

Cheaper than AirPods

The AirPods cost like $160, that is a relatively high price for mediocre sound quality earphones. So, here are some cheaper alternatives to AirPods. These costs even less than half the price you’ll pay for AirPods.

elegiant earbuds
Elegiant earbuds – Image Source

ELEGIANT: It has a built-in mic for voice calling. Boasts a battery backup of up to 5 hours and costs $25.99 Buy Here

GRDE Bluetooth earbuds
GRDE Bluetooth earbuds – Image Source

GRDE: They provide some noise cancellation. Comfortable to wear and costs $39.95 Buy Here

XIAOWU | TechVire – Image Source

XIAOWU: It has great noise cancellation. Offers a battery backup of 2-3 hours. Costs between $23.89 – $42.29 Buy Here

soundspeats earbuds
SoundPEATS Earbuds – Image Source

Sounds PEATS: They are ultra light, something you won’t tend to find in a low price range. They also come with a mini charging dock for extra power support and costs $49.99 Buy Here

More expensive than AirPods

On the other side of the spectrum. We have better and more expensive wireless earbuds than AirPods. If quality is what you’re looking forward to.

Erato Apollo 7 wireless earbuds
Erato Apollo 7 – Image Source

Erato Apollo 7: They offer the best stereo sound. Among the lightest options out there. Weighing just 4 grams. It also works with Siri and Google Assistant. A single multi-function button to make life easier. It costs $249.99. Buy Here

Jabra Elite Sports wireless earbuds
Jabra Elite Sports – Image Source

Jabra Elite Sports: These are IP67 water resistant, has some really good noise reduction. Comes with a heart rate monitor. It costs $199.99 Buy Here

Onkyo W800BT wireless earbuds
Onkyo W800BTn – Image Source

Onkyo W800BT: The most expensive earphones on my list. It comes with 8.6mm drivers to ensure terrific sound quality. Comes with mic, intact with a charging case. You charge it up to 5 times with the case till you run out of battery. It blocks some noise due to its design. It costs $379.44 Buy Here

Here One Earbuds
Here One Wireless Earbuds – Image Source

Here One: This one comes with a mic. The interesting thing about this one comes with a dedicated app. You can adjust many things with the app. $244.84 Buy Here

Great battery life

The one problem we face with wireless is the battery life. We don’t get the unlimited battery like we used to get from the wired earphones. Still here are earphones with more than 4 hours of playtime. The standard battery life of AirPods is 5 hours.

Motorola VerveOnes+ wireless earbuds
Motorola VerveOnes+ – Image Source

Motorola Verve Ones+: They boast a battery life of 12 hours. Intact with 2 mics. And costs between $69.99 – $109.59 Buy Here

ELEGIANT: These were the cheapest on my list. Still, they provide a battery life of 5 hours. Buy Here

Bragi Wireless Earbuds
Bragi Wireless Earbuds – Image Source

Bragi: It also offers a battery life of 5 hours. Price is close to AirPods between $149.99 – 194.99 Buy Here

SkyBuds wireless earbuds
SkyBuds – Image Source

SkyBuds: These ones offer a battery life of 4 hours. Costs $179.21 Buy Here

Sexier than AirPods

Okay, we agree that AirPods do look decent and simple. But when it comes to looks, these really take the cake.

Bragi The Headphone – Image Source

Bragi: These ones are my favorite look wise. In short, I’ll buy them in an instant for that bluish neon streak <3 they cost between $149.99 – 194.99 Buy Here

Motorola VerveOnes+ – Image Source

Motorola VerveOnes+: The orange n black version looks really flashy. Keeping in mind it still costs less than AirPods around $109.59 Buy Here

Erato Apollo 7: The looks are really breathtaking. It weighs just 4 grams. It’s like you’ll feel next to nothing weight in your years. It costs $249.99 Buy Here

Rowking Bit Charge 2 Wireless Earbuds
Rowkin Bit Charge

Rowkin Bit Charge: The design looks minimalist, they are black and sexy. Giving a sense of luxury. They cost around $109.99 – $129.99 Buy Here

Sportier than AirPods

Okay, to start with AirPods never claimed to be sports friendly. But just in case you’re looking for something fitting, here are some you can think about. After all in this case, it’s better to workout with wireless than wired ones.

Samsung IconX Wireless Earbuds
Samsung IconX Earbuds – Image Source

Samsung IconX: These are the most prominent wireless earphones for sports genre. They are sweat resistant and have a heart rate monitor intact. They cost $139.99 Buy Here

Rowkin Bit Charge Wireless Earbuds
Rowkin Bit Charge – Image Source

Rowkin Bit Charge: They are also water and sweat proof. But a little low on battery with 3 hours. Costs between $109.99 – $129.99 Buy Here

Jabra Elite Sport Wireless Earbuds
Jabra Elite Sport – Image Source

Jabra Elite Sport: These are resistant to water and sweat. Offers great sound reduction. And also have a heart rate monitor. It costs $199.99 Buy Here

Sol Republic Amps Air Wireless Earphones
Sol Republic Amps Air Wireless Earphones – Image Source

Sol Republic Amps Air Wireless: These are sweat resistant and the case offers a charge of 45 hours. With earbuds playtime of 3 hours. They cost $148.9 Buy Here

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