Amazon is going early on it’s Black Friday Sale

It’s Black Friday Time!


Amazon is already on its biggest sale of the year, the Black Friday Sale. Yes, it’s already that time of the year. (Time really flies, and I have to start planning for Christmas, right?) Now is the time, when you get big cutbacks almost everywhere. Last year I was creating a couple websites on Wix. I did everything but was very lazy to do the payment right away. So after a day, week and month I opened my website (not this one) and found they’ve slashed the prices by half. I was more than happy and proud of my laziness. Laziness can be really good during this time of the year. Okay now back to Amazon.

Amazon is a little early on it’s Black Friday Sale this year, giving it an upper leg on its competitors (pretty much everyone) like Walmart, Target, and Home Depot. Black Friday Sale covers everything from pots and pans to furniture. (I never understood the ideal way to cover “everything” in the everything list)


The deals that I found interesting were

You can buy 3 2nd Gen Echos and get a $50 off. Well, the current Amazon Echo costs $98 each. And they’re pretty good (not because of the device, it’s ALEXA). You can place these in living rooms, kitchen, and bedroom. It’s more like making your home come alive for $300 $250. They’ll also make a great gift. I have reviewed them a couple of days ago, they were GREAT! You can buy them here. Or click the image below.



Or you can buy the little Echo Dot. That’s $50 a piece already.  If you buy it with the Amazon Fire Stick you get to buy. it for $89.98 $69.98. Buy them here or click the image below.

You can also look for other gifts


If you are like me, and already in love with Alexa. Echo show would be the best idea for you. It has everything you love about Alexa complete with new video and touchscreen controls. You can buy two of these for $459.98 $359.98. Buy them here or click the image below.

The Steam Link is great for the gaming this holiday season. It got the Black Friday Fever too. You can buy it here for $49.99 $14.99 or click the image below


Wait, it gets better

Amazon has pushed its augmented reality feature. That helps you picture the products like furniture in your home. You can get the feel of the product. See how big it is, is it the “right size”? To make gifting season go easier on you, you can also scan the barcode to see what’s inside the box. Avoiding possible confusing and painful process of unwrapping and wrapping it again. Now it’s morally legal to do Christmas stuff. Halloween is over, IT’S CHRISTMAS TIME BABY!


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