Extreme Madness Caused By Blue Whale

Yes, it is This madness that makes teenagers go this path. We think we are safe sitting at home, nothing can possibly harm us. But, all it takes is a little push. We don’t have to really play to know what it offers. Trying to win the fire is not common sense, nor touching it is. Read ahead, for those who are still interested.

First of all, let me clear the air for you.

#1 The Blue Whale Challenge isn’t a game that you can download from the Play Store or App Store. Neither it is available on torrents, nor you can download the apk file. It’s a social media phenomenon which enters social media networks from secretive groups. Other examples of this category are the ALS Ice bucket Challenge and Harlem Shake.

#2 Blue Whale Challenge isn’t a new wave that has been made in 2017. This psychopathic game started in Russia on a social networking site called VKontakte in 2013. Philipp Budeikin, a psychology student claimed that he invented the game. He said that the main purpose of his creating the game was to “clean” the society by forcing people, who have no value, to commit suicide.

#3 The “F57” was one of the first names of the “death group” of the VKontakte social network. It has now spread in several countries.

#4 The Blue Whale game is named after the phenomenon of blue whales supposedly deliberately beaching themselves, linking to suicide.

Blue Whale | Techvire – Image Source

What’s in the Blue Whale Game?

The game has total 50 challenges to be completed in 50 days. At first, they’ll be fairly easy.

  • Like wake up at 4 am
  • Go to graveyard alone at night
  • Watch horror movies and upload a selfie (they provide movies)

Later they become scarier.

  • Shout on your mom for no reason
  • Mock your dad for no reason
  • Stand on a hill cliff and take a selfie
  • Upload a picture of your bike’s speedometer when it is at top speed
  • Draw blue whale picture on your hand with blade
  • Upload your naked photo
  • Spill hot oil on your hand

And then these are the final challenges

  • Avoid talking with anyone all day.
  • Take an oath/vow about being a whale.
  • From 30-49 days, you have to wake up at 4:20, watch videos, listen to music. You are asked to make one cut on your hand every day while talking to a whale (another player is termed as the whale).
  • On the last day, jump out of the window or go under a train.

People and the Game

In all, this makes the players fearless. They even stop respecting their parents as they aren’t afraid of them then.

And it’s surprising to see how the ‘players’ approach the game on the social media site. Here are a few posts.

Impact on the World

It has already claimed over 130 lives in Russia. It allegedly led to its first suicide in 2015. The game has since then spread all over the world. Kolkata (India) tops the chart with a 100% surge in online searches for the game over the past 12 months. Kolkata is followed by San Antonio (US), Nairobi (Kenya), Guwahati (India), Chennai (India), Bengaluru (India), Mumbai (India) and Paris (France). A counter game was made available. Pink Whale helps significantly to turn the effects of Blue Whale Game around.

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