Blackberry’s Jarvis

 Guard of your cars!

The world is bending towards autonomous control in any system. With the modern technology, cars are becoming automatic by each passing day. Autonomic system cars are becoming software dependent in the due course. The main problem with this technology is that they hack-able with ease. So excellent security service is essential to save them from hackers. Blackberry’s Jarvis is the modern era security officer in this department.

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What is Jarvis?

Jarvis is popular with the Iron Man franchise. But Blackberry’s Jarvis is a little different from Tony Stark’s Jarvis. John Chena, the CEO, has introduced their Jarvis on keynote at the (NAIAS). Jarvis is a cloud-based security system. It can scan the complex software used in autonomous cars and secure it.

How does it work?

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Be safe from Hackers

A third party supplies the software used in modern autonomous cars nowadays. These sorts of software come along with many security threats. Jarvis can scan the automotive binary code and identify the rouges in the system. What’s more exciting is that Jarvis can perform this task within minutes which takes at least 30 days. John Chena said on NAIAS that autonomous vehicles need some of the most complex software. That creates a challenge for designers to ensure the code for working as per clients’ needs. While keeping the system safe from cyber-criminals

Incorporating process of Jarvis in cars

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Autonomous cars of future with no need for driver

After ordering the Jarvis Blackberry, you can customize it as the requirements stated by the client. Customization is necessary for proper functioning of Jarvis within the manufacturing company. Jarvis can make so that it can scan problematic files at any stage of processing.

Jarvis is targeting the autonomous car industries for now. But it is useful in various other autonomous industries like Aerospace as well. The name ‘Jarvis’ suggests that we can expect great things from it in future.