The Great Charlottesville Fiasco at White House

white house
In his current term, Donald Trump did all he can to benefit his corporate friends. – Image Source

Trump did all for them

When Trump was campaigning for POTUS. Of all the things he said, including building a wall and getting Mexico to pay for it, terrorism is caused by Islamic people, Hillary is a crook, how big his dick is. We believe one prominent thing, which was he’s a businessman so he’ll be business friendly. And other industry leaders will love. And all this was going as expected. Cutting budgets for research and development, shifting more focus on non-renewable resources, pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement. To help the coal and petroleum business leaders.

Donald Trump conference
Trump’s press conference after his “many sides” speech. – (Credit: Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Breaking the limit on Charlottesville

He has given many controversial speeches. But this one topped it off. When he said that the racism, bigotry, and violence in the Charlottesville incident was caused by both sides. Which was clearly not the case. Someone from the white supremacists and neo-nazi groups rammed his car on the other group which was opposing them. I had a hard time to interpret, how this was because of both sides. In America, are we not supposed to stand up for what we believe in?

Ceo’s leaving Trump – Image Source

When the turmoil broke free on Trump

This also upset a lot of Trump supporter politicians and business leaders. A many have labeled him the white supremacist. Recently almost all the top CEOs left his housing development plans. Calling him out what looked like from his speech. And the fact that it took him two days to clarify this size of a mistake. Now even businesses don’t like Trump because of things he says. We become what we think we are and what we say. Say he’s not that big of a racist, which seems very unlikely. But at least he can say the right words.

With this, I can’t see where he’s going. It is not helping the economy. Instead of going forward, we are striving to go backward. Those things our forefathers fought against. If some people are bent on bringing those values of inequality back in our society, the burden is on us to discourage those efforts. And make sure that their efforts go futile. If the President can’t do something about it. We should, after all, we make this country great. A nation doesn’t progress because on one person. It does because of all of us, together.