Halloween is more exicting with Instagram’s new Feature

We all excited about Halloween, but Instagram and facebook take that to whole new level, with their new special Halloween feature.


Instagram launched “SuperZoom” feature, which let the user zoom between the video and can change himself into a zombie or a vampire. And this is not enough after that the user can disappear into the fog with some suspenseful music, but you have to wait for this until Nov 1, as this is going to available from Nov 1st. Instagram and Facebook also going to add new scary face filters and stickers in their camera from Nov 1st.


Halloween Game

holloween stikers
Instagram Stickers | TechvireCredits: Instagram

Facebook and Instagram are not only providing suspenseful cam effect but also giving some cool theme games. Facebook camera let the user can turn themselves into vampire or zombies but also let them share their high score with friends. So much fun. Facebook also launched some Halloween theme background for the Facebook post, you can use that for writing a status.


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