This time’s Leonid meteor shower is the clearest one yet

Leonid meteors are upon us

There isn’t much to do as of now. “Winter is Coming” and that day won’t be far when I just want to stay in my bed for eternity. And keep researching on the positive side of hibernation. So, before that time I want to justify that I did something interesting this year. The Leonid meteor shower is upon us this year. Leonid occurs every year mid-Novembers, it’s responsible for one of the most intense meteor showers in history. It can go up to 50,000 meteors per HOUR!.

Leonids meteor shower
Leonids Meteor Shower | TechVire Credits:

Though that’s a really rare occurrence. Still, viewers can see generally 10 to 20 meteors per hours. That can be quite a lot chances to make all your wishes. Leonids occur because Earth’s orbit crosses comet 55R/Tempel-Tuttle’s orbit. Comet 55R leaves a trail of debris that Earth pulls into the atmosphere. Most of them will burn up before reaching the Earth’s surface.

Last year wasn’t great for Leonid meteors

In 2016, Leonids were not quite visible. The poor visibility was a result of bright light from the jealous-pissed-off moon (you never come out especially to see ME!!) outshone those meteors. Though this year, Leonids are clearly visible. They’ll be visible mostly, during the weekends – not washed by lunar lights (Moon made its peace with THAT). Shower peaks on Fri, Nov 17. 3 in the early morning (you’ll be needing a LOT of copy for that). Unlike other things this year, conditions are perfect to see Leonids meteor shower.

Leo constellation
Leo Constellation | TechVire Credits: Sea and Sky

These babies are showered from the constellation Leo, kind of origin. You don’t need a telescope to see Leonids. Just grab a blanket, add some podcasts and you’re good to go. (Dark sky essential). Be patient and look up!

The better idea would watch it with other like-you beings existing in the proximity of our environment. The more people the more time you can be outside. The case is different if are you like me and are better by yourself. What you’ll be doing to watch these showers? Comment down below!


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