Super volcano under Yellowstone National Park can erupt soon

Yellowstone Super Volcano – Things that can wipe out human race

When we think about human race ending things. We tend to look up and think of scenarios. Like a huge asteroid will strike Earth like it did for the dinosaurs. Or maybe our Sun will eat us (or maybe Donald Trump). Now, look no further than the Yellowstone National Park in  Wyoming. It has the untimely surprise for you. Apparently, as mentioned in its advert brochures. It is located on top of a volcano. A very large volcano which recently got the name of “Yellowstone supervolcano”. Well, as a matter of fact, we only care about volcanos they’re erupting.

How much damage can Yellowstone supervolcano do

YellowStone Super Volcano
Yellowstone Volcano | TechVire – Source

The whole Paris agreement was about keeping the average global temperature rising two more degrees. Now we don’t have to worry about it anymore. Because our Yellowstone supervolcano can send the entire planet back to ice age. To fill our lives with even more thrill, this volcano can erupt in next couple of decades. As soon as 2030’s. It’s just shocking how little time it takes a volcano from being stable and quiet to be on the edge of devastating eruption.

This volcano can expel about 250 cubic miles of molten rock and ash in just a single blast. The explosion would be release 250,000 more deadly material than its closest competitor Mt. St. Helens eruption in 1980. This level of volcanic eruptions is very rare. So rare that there have been only 3 in past 2.1 million years. Geologists estimate Yellowstone supervolcano’s last eruption has been around 631,000 years ago. Apparently, according to geologists, these kinds of eruptions happen every 100,000 years from one of the twenty supervolcanoes.

Yellowstone – What we can do about it

NASA Yellowstone | TechVire
NASA Yellowstone | TechVire – Source

To prevent this global catastrophe, NASA has been working on a plan to cool down the volcano. The plan is to take some pressure out from the volcano. That will delay the eruption of the volcano significantly. To do this they plan to drill down into the supervolcano and supply it with water. This can be used as a geothermal plant too. Say, the biggest one with very competitive electricity prices. The short-term benefit of the volcano seems a little unsettling. That something that could bring the ice age back can be used as a profitable clean energy source. Though what really motivates us about the project is its long-term benefit. That all of us won’t get killed.