Transferring Human Consciousness

Could everything be replicated?

Consciousness is what makes us feel who we actually are. Psychologically, It deals with the awareness of one’s thoughts, emotions, and memories. But, this should be unique to a particular person. This distinct consciousness lives in the neurons. Evidently, It is due to the pattern neurons form inside your brain that memories from the past flash in front of your eyes.

Martin Monti about Human Consciousness - TechVIre
Martin Monti about Human Consciousness TechVire

Dr. Martin Monti is the Lead Researcher at the University of California, LA. In 2010, He conducted an experiment  using Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) on a group of 12 people with sound health. He studied how our brain reacts to the effect of anesthesia. Consequently, it was deduced a person’s consciousness is not region specific, it is a billion neurons communicating. Would we be able to map the consciousness and upload it to another’s body, known as Mind Uploading?


Mind Uploading

Sounds much of a Sci-Fi? Well, it doesn’t certainly to Dmitry Itskov. About Itskov, he is the the founder of 2045 Initiative. It is an organization that solves the mystery of cybernetic immortality. Ultimately, his goal is to construct holographic hosts of humans within 30 years. With that said, he wishes to make robots controlled by the human brain. Also, to upload human consciousness in the bot.Technically, it is an open platform to collaborate for this common cause set at the global scale.

Ray Kurzweil about Human Consciousness - TechVire
Ray Kurzweil about Human Consciousness – TechVire
He is the Director of Engineering at Google. He stated by 2029, computers will have human-level intelligence. Also, the Technological singularity will happen in the next 12 years.
Stephen Hawking Research online available
Stephen Hawking Research

Professor Stephen Hawking also imagined the possibility of transferring human consciousness in future. He believes that the brain is like a program. Apparently, this program runs inside computer’s mind. Thus, it should be possible to copy the brain and upload it to some other computer. Inventing life after death. As of now, it’s unreal. Let’s hope that this century people will be able to see that not-so-long distant future.