Mavic Air – Perfect drone comes to reality

Ever dreamt of having a tiny drone that could easily fit into your pockets? or you control it just by moving your hands in the air? Guess what? DJI just revealed a tiny delightful drone Mavic Air that could also fit in your pocket like smartphones.


Mavic Air is a smaller, yet lighter version of Mavic Pro. Do not get fooled by its small size…First of all Mavic Air has a three-axis stabilized 4K camera along with a seven-camera vision system, enabling the drone to see in three directions simultaneously. Along with a 2.5-mile range and 21 minute fight time, this tiny drone also captures a whole lot of perks contemporary to its size. Furthermore, it also features a new 3D panorama mode, enabling it to snitch 25 photos within 8 seconds and make VR friendly Sphere Panorama effect.

Control your drone like a Jedi!

Ever dreamt of pointing your palm towards a drone to function or rather change its directions? Guess what…. Things just got real with Mavic Air drone. Its Smart Capture feature enables you to point your arm at the drone and also change directions accordingly, yeah now you can control it just like a Jedi.  Consequently, imagine that you can direct the drone while using both palms. Impressive!!! right?

In addition, it uses a 3D mapping system detecting obstacles and fly above it to prevent the collision. Also, its latest Asteroid feature lets the drone fly and spiral around and create a spherical image of the surroundings…. Cool!!! Isn’t it?

Mavic Air
Mavic Air | TechVire

Make it your Boomerang

Ever wished for a drone with a Boomerang Feature? Drone is even capable of doing that…When activated; it flies like a boomerang around you. And who can miss its Geometric Elegance? Yup!!! You heard it right…Mavic Air’s arms fold flush due to aerodynamics chassis.

Inheriting the best of all the Mavic series, Mavic Air also provides high-end flight performance and hence enables limitless explorations. It’s a dream come true for every drone lover… Mavic Air stretches boundaries of all imaginable possibilities a tiny device can possess.

Drone is available at $799, yet a good point for especially relevant professional and amateur photographers advancing their game with a key arsenal tool.

Mavic Air
Mavic colors | TechVire

Its come in 3 colors Flame Red, Arctic White, and Onyx Black. Wanna buy it? Well, you can order on but you have wait until 28th Jan for shipment.

Feel the rush and also thrills of using the first-class drone, and the size of your Smartphone!!! That’s technology at its peak. In conclusion, make sure you get the latest updates about this drone.
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