Consequences for US citizens after ending of DACA

What’s DACA?

Consideration of Deferred Actions for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is one of the major programs that help children of illegal immigrants (aliens) to work in the U.S. for a specific period of time. This program wasn’t meant to promote illegal immigration. But to help those who came from war-torn, depleted infrastructure countries. After all, immigrants have a significant contribution to the growth of U.S. Immigrants from the middle east adopted Steve Jobs. And most of us do use Apple products, don’t we? I’m not saying that DACA was the best solution, it still had its flaws. But it was something established by formed President Barrack Obama in the right direction.

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What happened to it?

But Trump again did what was in the favor of far right conservatives. Not in the favor of the country. Tearing apart the DACA program. He knew so well that he would face a great backlash from the public over this. That even to announce it, instead of doing it himself. He called upon Jeff Sessions to do the favor. Well, that kind of statement does suit on him. But there is a difference between a senator’s beliefs and the President’s orders. Maybe that is the reason we can tolerate our racist relatives on the Thanksgiving table. But won’t elect them for President.

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Effect of ending of DACA on communities

It has nothing good for the country. There are over 800,000 people enrolled in the DACA program. Most of them are in a panic about what will happen to their stay orders. Though, later on, the government has reassured that the ones enrolled in the DACA program. Can stay till the renewal/expiration dates of their stays. This has affected a lot of communities. The minorities, especially the Latino community is dumbstruck over it. There are over 600,000 people from Mexico enrolled in the DACA program. This action will tense the already strenuous relationship between the United States and Mexico.

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DACA supported our Economy

Okay if you think, yeah they are the minorities. They tend to experience such things, those illegal children have little effect on our economies. Then prepare for the worse part. Economists have calculated that ending of DACA program can cost our economy tens of billions of dollars. Now here’s some food for thought. Why deport the people who are helping our economy to grow? Cause they were born somewhere outside of United States? But is it their fault that they were born in the Middle East or Mexico? This has raised the alarm about breaking the Debt Ceiling. That is the legal amount of money U.S. can take. If we break it, we’ll lose our economic strength in the world economy. To settle this, Trump has made a deal. Finally, the dealmaker made a deal. Working with Democrats to work over this problem. Now that sounds Presidential. He even stated about reconsidering striking off DACA program.