Don’t see the Solar Eclipse like Trump

Let’s start with what everyone says

Solar eclipse simply is when the moon and the sun align. Sun is a lot bigger than our moon but as it’s closer to the earth, it casts a bigger shadow. And when all three align, it seems like the show of moon in engulfing the earth. This happens every often at least once a year. And most of the times is only visible to some part of the world. This time it happened to be in the United States. It can be potentially harmful to look at the sun directly during the eclipse.

donald trump viewing the eclipse
Donald Trump viewing the eclipse without protection. – Image Source

But why haven’t you’ve looked up yet?

On normal days you can’t look at the sun long enough to damage your eyes because of the sheer brightness of the sun. During the eclipse the brightness is relatively low, allowing you to look at the sun for long periods of time. This can lead to permanent blindness. The high intensity of sun rays can damage your retina. As it has no pain receptors, you’ll not know if you have burned it. If you experience blurriness or a spot in your vision the other day. It means your eyes are damaged and you should see your doctor immediately. Though just taking a look won’t damage your eyes. The average time is 15 minutes for permanent damage. Still, you shouldn’t look at the sun without proper protection

American Flag
God bless America. – Image Source

It sets a “brilliant example” for our fellow Americans

That is why prior to eclipse many experts appeared on a number of news channels to warn people about the harmful effects of seeing the eclipse with a naked eye. Despite all that, The POTUS is spotted viewing at the eclipse without any protection. So if the leader of the nation is doing that, why it should prevent others? During the eclipse season, Trump tweeted a transition from a smiling trump to a serious Obama. Say, more like white to black as the eclipse goes. This could’ve been a light hearted joke if he wasn’t The President. And others didn’t take it that way, it backfired. And resulted in another tweet showing the transition from a smiling Obama to frowning Trump. Which seems more like the eclipse on our democracy. And this one lasts for four years, instead of a couple of hours.