Fast Pair: Google’s answer to Apple’s speedy AirPod connects

Google launched Fast Pair to make connections via Bluetooth simpler for Google Pixel. Fast Pair works as low as Marshmellow. It uses Bluetooth’s low energy and your Android phone’s location to connect. Whenever your device discovers a Bluetooth device nearby, it shows a picture of the device asking if you want to connect to it. More like the Apple’s.

Since the release of AirPods, Apple has done everything to make the connection as simple as possible. Now it’s just reduced to a few taps which ring with Apple’s brand image. Modern and simple. Google following Apple’s footsteps removed the headphone jack in Google Pixel 2. Some Bluetooth devices can use NFC to connect, which is also simple. But it is only possible for Android 6.0+. Bluetooth is still a little mess to connect with. Either it can happen quickly or can take an eternity. There is no middle ground.


Apple Airpods| TechVire Credit: Apple

This technology will display the device’s image, name, and companion app if any. Companion apps are available with some devices mainly to adjust the tuning. Fast Pair will then offer the download the companion app if its available on the Google’s PlayStore. After all this, Google uses normal Bluetooth technology, nothing fancy.

As we are moving forward to the no-jack era. This can be a big step towards making users resemble the same experience as “plug and go” with wired headphones. Google has only a limited number of devices to start with. Other devices can register here.  Currently, this feature is Google Pixel exclusive but Google plans to expand it to all other Android Phones.


Google Fast Pair | TechVire Credit: Android Authority

Ever tried connecting a new pair of headphones to the laptop via Bluetooth. Yeah, that is the kind of pain I want to get rid of. Hope Microsoft also follows the steps of Google in making Bluetooth connections simpler. Wireless charging for a laptop will be cool. But how about next-generation laptops with no headphone jacks? Comment down below.