Google Pixel 2: Google Slashes Prices for the Headphone Adapters to $9

Google Pixel 2 tried to prevent controversy

Google Pixel 2, the second installment of the Pixel series is a nice phone. Going through its first week. Following the trend set by Apple’s iPhone 7. Google removed the headphone jack from the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2XL. Learning from Apple, to prevent the outcry they faced. Google provided a complimentary USB-C to headphone adapter with the phone. But in the process of preventing one controversy, Google started another one.

But got stuck in a more obvious one

Google Pixel 2 Headphone Jack Adapter
Google Pixel 2 Headphone Jack Adapter | TechVire – Source

The headphone adapters are really small, you can easily forget them at home. Then all you’re left with is wired headphones and a phone that you can’t plug it in. Or worse, you can lose them. But they look like it cost next to nothing to make them. You can get a replacement for almost no worries, right? Google priced those little babies at $20. For that, they faced a lot of criticism. It was more expensive than what Apple was offering their adapters for. You just know it, when your product is more expensive than Apple’s. You’ve really fucked up.

To compensate, Google slashed prices by more than half, now they cost $9. That is same as Apple’s. Now it sounds like something you’ll lose for sure but won’t be worrying much about it. Still, they are a lot cheaper than the wireless earphones. A decent pair of wired headphones cost like $10. You do the math.

Trend of removing the headphone jack

Apple iphone 8, iphonex, iphone 8 plus
iPhone 8, 8+, X | TechVire – Credit 

The trend of removing headphone jacks seems to be catching on. Apple and Google are all-in. Still, Samsung and OnePlus are resisting the trend when they launched S8 or OnePlus 5. Though, I won’t be surprised if I see Galaxy S9 or OnePlus 5T without a headphone jack. It’s a hot debate that whether removing headphone jacks more harm than good. The point that companies give on removing headphone jacks is to make the phone slimmer. Following the minimalistic approach towards their designs. The headphones jack was the first victim. At the same time, almost everyone has a pair of wired headphones ready to go. It’s totally possible sometime in future, we’ll witness the removal of the charging port. As we’re moving forward towards wireless charging.