Microsoft’s Surface Book 2: We are really unsure about you!!

Microsoft tried it once again with Surface Book 2

Microsoft tried it’s hand in the laptop industry again with the launch of Surface Book 2. Which will be safe to say is already full. You have the hardware for money laptops from Dell. And those sexy aesthetic ones from Apple. Even for Microsoft, it will be hard to find a spot, if it plans to get in the business. Or WILL it be Microsoft?

The multi-billion dollar company started in the laptop industry by launching the Surface Book. After the success (okay, if that’s what you gonna call it) of Microsoft Surface Pro. That sounds like something that’ll suit the person who wants tons of processing power and is creative. Rare combination for sure. But it received great feedback from the target market.

What went wrong with the Surface Book?

microsoft surface book 1
Surface Book one kinda sucked. Source

But the Surface Book didn’t follow down the same path. To start with, it was more expensive than Apple’s MacBook Pro. And that’s the one thing MacBook Pro everyone gets. It’s hella expensive. Are you creative? Looking for some good hardware to work with? Got a thousand dollars lying around? Get a MacBook Pro! That’s the rule. That never ends with Get a Surface Book. To make things worse (as if they’re not done yet). Consumer Reports pulled its support for the Surface Book because 25% of the surveyed users had problems with it, under two years. If you pay $1500+ for a laptop, you expect quality. No publicity is better than bad publicity. So that was the final nail in the coffin for Surface Book.


So, how it went for Microsoft since them?

macbook pro 2017
And this is the goddamn competition. Source

But Microsoft did learn from its mistakes (some of them at least). The price is still that same for starters, still $100 more than the MacBook Pro 2017. Microsoft focused most of the work on the inside. The heating is reduced significantly. They’ve added lightning USB connectors. They’ve packed more processing power and bumped up the screen to a 15″ one. Well, THAT was some good progress. But so not good to just go around and DECLARE MacBook Pro as your competitor. And talk like they are nothing in front of your shiny Surface Book 2.

macbook pro broken
Yeah, it’s no Surface Book anyway. Source

The touchscreen is detachable. Which means it’ll be great for someone who’s creating and likes some processing power. Remember just up there how I talked about the success of Surface Pro? Yeah, same thing. Apple’s MacBook Pro has it’s own selling points when you buy one you feel like yeah this is quality, that was worth it. When you buy a Surface Book 2, you come out with a look on your face saying “Yeah, right?”. If you really liked the previous one or wanna get one soon. Pre-orders start from November 9 and will be shipped the following week.

Though in the end

windows 10 creators update
The creator’s update was pretty good. Source

Microsoft is good at one thing for sure, that is Windows OS. And they are mediocre or just downright wasted at everything else. Okay, as a company, now one looks up to Microsoft as a company to be good in every aspect of technology. You do what you do the best Microsoft, Windows 10 is awesome. Way better than those shitty 8 and 8.1 installments. You do a good job with the creator’s update. See? That’s your thing, and you’re pretty good at it. As exploring new fields is good. Don’t you think Microsoft should just stick to doing what its good at?

Tell me down below, you may end up changing my mind 😉