Intel and AMD team up to make graphic cards slimmer and faster than EVER

Intel and AMD are teaming up

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Intel and AMD have announced their agreement to make small, lightweight designs that can still handle the heavy performance requirements. It will be the first time they strike a partnership since the 80s. (Damn, I wasn’t even born back then). AMD vs Intel has been a thing since an eternity. Both are competing hard to get control over the PC processor market. And Intel processors seem to be winning, especially after launches like IntelĀ i7 Coffee Lake. There were rumors about it since the start of this year, but never enough evidence to prove it. Plus, it’s something like suddenly Samsung announced that Galaxy S9 will have Apple’s iOS.

Here are the details

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Okay, lemme make an attempt to bore you with the details. The goal is to make CPU and GPU much closer together. This will be possible with EMIB (Believe me, full form is not gonna make it sound familiar) connecting technology. Basically, cost-effective little bridges made by Intel. GPU is connected to HBM 2 (High Bandwidth Memory). In slightly simpler terms, high-performance RAM interface using EMIB technology.

Changing market

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The title of Intel’s main competitor seems to be shifting from AMD to Nvidia. Nvidia is shifting towards AI and machine learning business. Whilst delivering market-leading graphics cards. The catch is that AMD Radeon is overtaking Nivida in its very own graphics card market. AMD is stepping up its game after the success of Radeon. Motivating the PC makers to make slimmer, lighter PCs. That will be possible because of the less cooling requirements and space management because of the new design for the graphics card.

This kind of partnership is highly beneficial for the consumer. In the days of the huge ass mergers (yeah, I am talking about you DELTA). This seems to be a step forward towards making gaming laptops better. We may witness ever cooler custom PC setups in the future.

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