Twitter’s Outlaw Employee takes down Donald Trump’s account

 It’s Twitter Time!


Source: Twitter

The best thing happened to the world on this Thursday. We finally escaped the torture of Donald Trump’s twitter account for FULL 11 minutes. When users tried to reply to another of Donald Trump’s “presidential” tweet (BEHOLD the power of quotes!) they got the twitter prompting that account doesn’t exist. Many users posted screenshots of their astonishments.

Our Twitter Hero

After sometime Twitter did let us know what the hell happened there. It was a human error they say. An employee in the customer support department was on the last day of his two weeks notice period. So, before going he did this. Many people had named his the hero of our humanity. Well, it was not the first time for them to mess up the accounts. In 2016, Twitter’s CEO was locked out of his OWN account! I would be really freaked out if someday, I wasn’t able to log into my site.

The good (or the bad, who am I to judge?) thing was that. All of the Donald Trump’s tweets were still there. Apparently, They has a recycle bin like thing. Like your Gmail, it won’t delete the data till 30 days. If you want to restore the data, you just have to log into your account. However, after 30 days the Twitter will begin deleting your data. So, all we need is to keep that account down for 30 days and everything will be alright in this world!

Yeah, that was a long shot. But people do many crazy things during their two weeks notice period. He must be like “I dare you to fire me” But taking down Trump’s account is like dream of every other person on this planet. I have to give him that.



Taking Down Trump’s Twitter Account

That guy is getting a badge of honor from the users. Even other people were urging in the past to take down @realDonaldTrump. Why? you may ask, only if you were in a coma for one year and just woke up. Let’s see, maybe for all those hateful, racial and violent tweets. Like the video, he posted wrestling a guy with a “CNN” head. Yeah, that was tweeted by our President.

Stephen Balkam, the founder of Family Online Safety Council said: “If an ordinary citizen tweeted some of what he tweeted, I would think some of them would be taken down.” And that seems like the truth of it too. Twitter might not be taking Donald Trump’s account down because they were on the brink of destruction last year. But now, people are constantly engaging more with it because of the controversial tweets by Donald Trump. What do you think of it? Comment down below.