Can you make money for playing games?

Passion does earn you money!

Playing video games can boost one’s mind and it is said to increase the reflex actions of the players. They help us to relax from all kinds of stress; although it might last for a couple of hours. Also, research has proven that playing any mobile, PC games for a couple of hours can significantly improve the cognitive activity. So, what more reasons you need to grab that console lying there!! Because Science now has got your back.

3D Games - Adding another dimension
3D Games – Adding another dimension | TechVire

Gone are the days when little kids used to play the Nintendo games like Super Mario. Those kids who are 20 something now have upped their level and use an X-Box or a Playstation to dive into the 3D world of games. This adds more to the gaming hours. But what if playing such games could actually help you to earn some cash. Wait, what? First Science; and now money? This just got way better, isn’t it?

Well, then you might wanna know that there are some gamers who are cashing it out over the games they play. How? Here we present a list of such methods which the gamers employ for the monetary gains.

Cashing Out With Games
Cashing Out With Games | TechVire

Earn Money While Still Holding The Console

1: Live Streaming – What you can do is live stream your gaming experience to the viewers around the world. Join communities like the Twitch. Add a donation button and you may get many geeky followers who after seeing your gaming tactics and all, hurl cash at you. Plus, you don’t owe Twitch any dime!

2: Taking it over the YouTube – Yes, gamers create their channel and upload videos about any walkthroughs or cheats for any game; sort of tutorials explaining certain parts of the game which might be difficult to play. Once a video becomes popular,  they would run ads over them. This is how they earn from the YouTube.
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3: Writing it out – A gamer can write blogs, posts on the websites and the social media to attract the niche of people who would be interested in reading them. It could be about the release dates, the story; or the requirements like the graphics card, RAM etc. Become a part of the eSports community and one can share the gaming knowledge.

4: Become a Tester – Another cool way to earn money in this is by becoming a game tester. New games always are in need of some beta testing. So, developers take the help of people who are willing to test the game and report bugs. There are plenty of sites where a gamer can contribute like MyAppAwareBestReviewApp, PlaytestCloud, and ErliBird

All in all, getting paid for games might sound the perfect way to work and relax. But, then again games are meant to be for de-stressing purposes. Putting the work quotient into it would only increase the workload. At the end, it all depends on the person and his/her level of dedication.

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  1. This is a good article for people who are a little bit tight on the money and it’s kind of cool that you just spoke about the point rather than saying about irrelevant stuff.

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