Microsoft Azure users can now use the power of a true supercomputer

Microsft Azure has a treat for its users

Azure Platform | TechVire
Azure Platform | TechVireSource
Microsoft may be losing big on fronts like smartphones and laptops. But it still has a firm grip in the promising sector of cloud computing. Microsoft and Cray revealed on 23rd October that they have struck a deal. Offering the supercomputer powered systems to Azure’s data centers.
The new computing power will enable the Microsoft Azure users to do things. That was not so workable on a cloud-based environment. Like running artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, data modeling. And simulating huge workloads. Enabling to use HPC to AI to drive breakthrough advances in space, engineering, and health. It’s not like this all isn’t already happening around the world. Just it was only possible for huge corporations.

Why it’s a big step

Cray Supercomputers
Cray Supercomputers | TechVireSource
Supercomputers are too expensive to even rent, let alone buy one for small businesses. This power can do all that mentioned above by “normal” users. Cray can configure each system according to the user’s specific needs. Microsoft Azure is already a prominent player in providing web services. Given the possible applications of this deal. Competition like Amazon Web Hosting Services can be CRUSHED! It’s still though in the industry that cloud computing is good only for doing “light” stuff. This if implemented right, can totally change that ideology.

Hope everything goes well with Microsoft this time

Big Data and Cloud Computing
Big Data/Cloud Computing | TechVireSource
Market-wise. This can lead to startups produce high-quality results in short periods of time. Shooting up the growth in different fields of science and technology. The prime focus will be the consumers that were unable to buy or maintain a high-end supercomputer. Companies like Cray focuses on building high-end computers, not on costs. Microsoft says it’s a “start of a new era” – I gotta say, that’s an overused term nowadays. And has completely lost its gravity but still, I have some faith left in Microsoft. Hoping they can manage to work this out with the market. If they do it right, this can significantly add to crucial projects. Like curing cancer, relying completely on renewable sources, self-drive cars.


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