Palestinian Man arrested by the authorities based on a Facebook Post

A Facebook Post?

“Good Morning everyone” well I just woke up and feel like wishing you all a great day ahead on Facebook. Now, there is not even a teeny tiny possibility that this will land me in an interrogation room with a police detective. After all, people post all kinds of shitty posts on social media, I have never seen them riding to┬áthe Police Stations. Or is it? A man in Palestine, Israel got arrested by police immediately after he put up a “Good morning” post on Facebook. Imagine next time you post more than 3 photos of your food in a week, and police will knock your door arrest you. (Gosh if that was true.)

How did it happen?

Facebook Translator | TechVire
Google Translator | TechVireSource

The Police spokesperson said this was a result of a translation error by Facebook. Hell, who even uses that? Let it be for an ARREST! So, they just used Facebook translate in his post and his innocent morning wish translated to “Hurt them”. The police did not even confirm with the other officer who knows Arabic. And classified it as an imminent threat requiring an arrest immediately. So after arresting and interrogating him for a couple of hours. They thought about checking with a Police officer who in fact is familiar with Arabic. After realizing their mistake, they did release that poor fella.

It was not only the text of the Facebook Post

In defense of the translator, the difference was very subtle in the syllable. But officers really could’ve checked with the someone who knows the language. These virtual translators are good for day to day conversations; not to for PREVENTING TERRORISM. It was not just the text that led to the man’s arrest (come on, they are not like Trump). He also took time to attach an image of a bulldozer with the post. Bulldozers were used in many previous terror attacks. Seriously, who posts a “Good Morning” on Facebook with a Bulldozer. That gives the reader feeling “Good Morning, I’ll mow you the f*ck down!”. So, we can’t really put all the blame on the Police. That post has been deleted since then. I have a good feeling that man is not gonna wish anyone morning was a long long time.

Bulldozer attack Palestine facebook
Bulldozer attack Palestine | TechVireSource

Social media platforms like Facebook are frequently used by terrorist groups around the world to recruit and spread their ideologies. This had led to many adversaries like the recent London bombings. It is not possible for authorities to respond to every single radical post on Facebook.

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