Shocking Things GOT Season 7 got Wrong

The grand scheme

HBO’s fantasy series Game of Thrones has grown in past 7 years to be one of the biggest TV Series ever. Keeping in mind its popularity and nature of the show. With every growing season, the fans expectation keeps on increasing. Reaching a point where one mistake can lead to its demise. Prior to final Season 8, Season 7 proved to be the limits we can take the effects and storylines.

Season 7 was well…

Firstly, this season was just seven episodes long. In contrast to previous ten episode seasons. Though the episode length was slightly longer with the season 7 finale being the longest episode ever in the series. Despite that, everything seemed rushed and timelines almost impossible to figure out. The good guys prevailed in almost impossible conditions. Taking away the most important thing that made this show different from the other.

ned stark beheading game of thrones season 1
Ned Stark was beheaded cause he took wrong steps. Even though he was a good character. – Image Credit

Confliction with the very point we like GOT

If good guys take bad steps, they face the consequences. We learned this first when Ned Stark was beheaded. Because he thought it would be a good idea to tell Cersei that her children are illegitimate. Robb Stark died because he put love over his vows. Even the mighty Tywin Lannister died because he took the wrong steps for his son. But now all that seems history, when Jon was surrounded by the army of the dead and when Jamie fell into that lake. Making us care less about the characters.

wight viserion game of thrones season 7
Wight Viserion attacking The Wall – Credits: HBO ( Game of Thrones)

Oh, the mighty Wall

The Wall, which was protected by spells, fell within minutes of wight Viserion attacking it. Even if we assume that a dragon can break the magic of the Wall. That doesn’t make any sense that the Night King will be marching towards the EastWatch just waiting when a dragon will just pop north of the wall. Unless he can see the future which even Bran can’t this seems entirely impossible. Though I have to say the visuals of the Wall falling down was awesome! And Littlefinger’s death even when we all saw it coming was really satisfying. Surrounded by wolves.

game of thrones season 7 leaked scripts
People keep posting these on and on. Pretending they don’t wanna spoil our season 7 but they did just that.

Inflicted with leaks

In my opinion, I think the over critical thinking of what’ll happen next and the leaks. Made the series dull. I hope the same will not be for the GOT Season 8. It will be having six episodes, maybe the showrunners will realize these issues soon enough. Technology can be a great thing, great cinematic tools won’t exist without it. But on the flip side, the script leaks and unscheduled airing can harm the series.