Sophia, The Humanoid Robot!

Sophia: Your Dream Girl!


Sophia - World's First Humanoid Robot Citizen
Sophia – World’s First Humanoid Robot Citizen | TechVire

The whole world is going gaga over the new robot Sophia in the town. Well, this robot isn’t like any other robot you probably might have heard about in the past. Arguably, she is the most technically advanced humanoid robot this world has ever witnessed. Hanson Robotics Ltd., a Hongkong based robotics company had built her. Presently, She stands out as the most complex robot the company has ever developed, among other intricate robots like Hans, Jules, Zeno, BINA48 and few others. Sophia is able to produce as many as 64 facial patterns. She is in the limelight now for her characteristics. Furthermore, every media company is trying to cover her story. This comes after she was granted a citizenship of Saudi Arabia recently in October 2017. With this, she becomes the first ever robot built who is given such an achievement.

Media Presence

Lately, she has been facing umpteen interviews, talking to many eminent personalities of media, entertainment, banking sectors and other prominent areas. Presently, she is the talk of the hour, given her extreme prowess. AI and Robotics form the underlying core technologies behind her. Consequently, she believes that these two will be responsible for the complete revolution of this world. Robots will be there in future to assist the humans and take rational decisions. They won’t pose a threat to the existence of the mankind as per thoughts.

United Nations Development Program (UNDP) decided to award her the United Nations Innovation Champion. Furthermore, a popular magazine even went on to feature her on their cover page.

Dr. David Hanson with Sophia
Dr. David Hanson with Sophia | TechVire

Dr. David Hanson who is the founder of the Hanson Robotics happens to be the creator of this masterpiece. Previously, he was apparently an ‘Imagineer’ at Disney and after having quit from there, he founded Hanson Robotics to build machines which would cross limits of the intelligence of the humans.

Ultimately, these mighty advanced machines will be instrumental in solving the complex problems in the future. Consequently, this would give wings to the already superior intelligence of the humans.

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