Building Iron Man Suit

Wait up! Marvel is about to hire me.

It is about time that you could be building an Iron Man suit for yourself soon. Whenever we hear Iron Man, the first thing that pops up in our mind is the legendary gold and red suit of armour. Unlike the Marvel character’s name, the actual suit built doesn’t consist iron, Logically, iron is a heavy metal and it corrodes.

What do we mean by actually building?

Instead of iron, you can use nickel-titanium, referred as nitinol. This is a strong metal but it is impressively light and heat resistant. The alloy has the capability to heal. I am sorry, WHAT?

Yes, It can deform at certain temperatures, however, it can regain its original shape when heated beyond transformation temperature.

Another way to create your armour is to use Single-Crystal Titanium. It’s a customized variety of titanium which can withstand a specific heat, resist corrosion and is hard but light-weighted.

Building Iron Man Suit | TechVire
Building Iron Man Suit | TechVire Credits: Nerdist


The exoskeleton of the suit is created using metallic rods, pads, and pipes. You can use the following powered exoskeletons, i.e. electrical exoskeletons designed to boost endurance and strength.

  • HULC pronounced ’Hulk’ is a hydraulic powered skeleton enabling you to carry up to 200 pounds
  • FORTIS exoskeleton creates a feeling of weightlessness while maneuvring heavyweights.

Circle of light that sits in Iron Man’s Chest is an ARC reactor in a miniature form of small electromagnets to create a power supply that makes Iron Man’s suit functional.

To make Iron Man fly, we need a device that can help Iron Man to fly. Rocketbelt is one such device; it makes the iron man lift its wearer up to 900 meters in the air. Devices are still developing to increase the flying distance and time.

The effort to create Iron Man suits for military purposes continues. It’s a matter of time that we see Real Iron Men flying in the sky, guarding our world against enemies. Let your imagination begin by building an Iron Man Suit on your own.

Seems unreal? That is where the challenge lies.

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