Volvo XC40 Totally Changes the Way You Buy Car

Launch of a new Volvo

Volvo’s all-new XC40 was launched in Milan, Italy this week. It’s the physical representation of the idea of combining compact and luxury. For a long time, the luxury brands have focused mainly on space. But now they’re shifting from the ideology of “Luxury is Space” to “Compact and Functionality”. The all-new addition to the XC family of XC60 and XC90 got its looks from its ancestors. The same Volvo front look, headlights, the glossy black rooftop. The overall design looks the same just a little more compact. Though the newest but the cheapest in the XC family starting from $35,200 in the United States.

The design of the XC40 is based on modern architecture, getting smaller and more optimum. The compact modern architecture can be seen in everything from the entertainment systems to safety features. But that’s just normal luxury-car-launch stuff in nowadays. A bunch of them get launched every year. They stay on my mind for like a day or so. What really turned heads here was the game-changing feature, “Care by Volvo”. Well, it’s not like the Ford Care or something else with all those normal services.

Care by Volvo for XC40

Care by Volvo | TechVire
Care by Volvo |TechVire (Credit – Volvo Car Group)

We order pretty much everything online nowadays. Ranging from decoration for your closet to your new television. Once in a while pretty much everyone would have thought about why we can’t order the cars online. Like we can see the specs, the body, design, and everything. Then why not? Well, the conventional answer to this will be that dealerships have varying offers to keep the competition inline. But this leads sometimes to customer feeling ripped off. Care by Volvo has eliminated this possibility. You can just order it online on an EMI plan if you like.

New Volvo XC40 | TechVire
New Volvo XC40 | TechVire (Credit : The Verge)

The service will drop off your vehicle. It has some great aspects like it’ll make all the paperwork more streamlined. It covers everything except fuel costs. On-road assistance is an old thing. Care by Volvo also has on-demand washing services. Let’s say your XC40 is small for the camping trip you’re planning. You can just swap it for a bigger one like Volvo XC60 or XC90. And the best part, like buying an iPhone. You get a new car every 24 months. I would’ve bought one right away if I had 35 grand lying around somewhere.

Breaking bad money garage | TechVire
Breaking bad money garage | TechVire

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