Breaking News now comes on YouTube

YouTube launches the new ‘Breaking News’ feature for both Mobile App and Desktop version of the Site.

youtube update logo
YouTube now has a solution for you if you are too busy to catch up the highlights of the day Credits: Youtube
Primarily a video emporium website YouTube is now heading a different road. Users have been seeing a Breaking News tab at the top of the mobile and desktop versions of the site. The new ‘update’ as it might seem, isn’t official yet. It caught the attention of masses. And was first spotted by the Android Police. After the news of the Barcelona Attack was being uploaded in a separate carousel. Reportedly named “Breaking News”.

Is it confirmed?

Youtube hasn’t made this new feature official though. It might as well happen that. This is one of those trials runs that the website keeps testing and experimenting with. Furthermore, there’s also the uncertainty. That whether this section would appear every day. Or only at times of important coverage. It did that for President Trump firing Steve Bannon.
youtube breaking news update layout
Breaking News tab featuring Bannon’s firing and other Trump news – Credits: Youtube



How Does it Look?

Format wise “Breaking News” seems like other tabs like “Recommended” or “Watch It Again“. It gives region specific videos manner. It displays in the same horizontal manner. If you don’t want it, it can be easily removed as well.

How Can I Get This Feature?

In this attempt by YouTube, see for yourself if you have got the update on your app or desktop homepage. The feature limits limited to certain sections of the user only. Indian users can see the updates of the nation on the site, for example.
So, in conclusion, this is the YouTube Breaking News update. It rather seems like the part of innovation that YouTube has been into every now and then. After the introduction of features like “Live Video”.