Pink Whale: The Sinister of Blue Whale Challenge

Blue whale game
This is how the Blue whale game starts. – Image Source

We all heard about blue whale challenge, about the deaths happened due to that horrible game, I was reading somewhere that approx 140 suicide attempted by teenagers due to this game in the whole world. But the good thing is, it’s being banned by governments all over the world. After these unfortunate incidents.

In the blue whale, game player has to perform various tasks like, “Cut your arm with a razor along you veins” and after completing a task player win some kind of prize. Still, I personally think how can someone even try to perform a task which leads to deaths, for a damn bloody game, weird!

pink whale challenge
Pink Whale, sinister to the Blue whale challenge. Credits: Pink Whale Challenge

What is Pink Whale Challenge?

When I heard about all this, the first thing comes up in my mind is, why suicide?We can perform some positive tasks like, “Saving a Life” with these type of games, and I was really happy when I heard about “Pink Whale Challenge”.

This game is not only trying to save the life but is also trying to motivate the youngsters to love themselves and value their life instead of harm to you or committed suicide.

pink whale challenge phone
Pink whale challenge gives you more reasons to love yourself. – Image Source

Challenges of Pink Whale game?

1. Write how much you love someone on your skin, with marker please 😀
2. Apologizing someone you fought.
3. Forgiving someone.
4. Telling your family that you love them.
5. Unblocking a friend on Social Sites like Facebook.
6. Yell I love myself in the Middle of the Street.
7. Write down 5 good things one like about themselves.
8. The final task of Blue Whale game is to commit suicide but Pink Whale game instead ask users to help someone in need.

So the Pink Whale challenge game brings happiness in the life of the player and also try to save some lives. Pink Whale challenge easily available online and share with the help of social media like Facebook and Instagram.

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