Diamond Studded Smartwatch 

Diamonds are one of the most expensive materials on earth but mankind has always been fascinated by. We started using diamond in many ornamental materials such as a necklace or a ring. But have you ever heard of a diamond-studded smartwatch?

TAG Heuer is one of the leading brand names in the watch industry. It has recently unveiled a diamond-studded smartwatch. They have put 589 diamonds on the smartwatch, making it one of the costliest watches ever made. It is 23.55 carats. It made its debut at Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie Geneve.

This watch is priced at 190,000 francs (approximately 197,000 $). Its design is similar to last year’s Connected Modular 45 smartwatch. The only major difference is that this watch is diamond studded and more expensive. It comes in polished white gold color, there is only one color variant as of now.


Diamond studdeed smartwatch| Techvire
Diamond studded smartwatch| Techvire

This watch supports a 1.39-inch screen, covered with sapphire glass. It has a screen resolution of 400 × 400, approximately 287ppi. It is powered by Intel Atom processor and has 512 MB ram with 4 GB of total storage. This device does not come with an option of expanding the storage, so no popping in the micro SD card. Other than that the device consists of all the basic sensors which come handy in day to day use. It has an accelerometer, mic, ambient light sensors – for providing better visibility in different lighting conditions. Ii also has GPS, NFC, gyroscope etc. The device contains 410 mah battery, which provides 25 hours of battery life. This may not be the best battery life in the market and that too for a watch of this range but it more than enough. It runs on google’s android wear 2.0.

This watch works with TAG Heuer’s own smartwatch app – TAG Heuer connected. With the help of this app, you can manage your smartwatch, you can change the watch faces and choose from wide variety of preinstalled watch faces. You can even upload a picture and go for a self-made custom watch face.

For the final verdict, the build quality of the smartwatch is stunning. This watch might burn a hole in your pocket but it sure is a status symbol.