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The Minimalistic Guide to Electric Powered Public Transportation

When you think of an electric vehicle, you picture a sexy car (given you like Tesla) which won’t make any sounds. And that’ll label us “environment-friendly” in our neighborhood! But you have to go through the hassle of charging it over and over again, the same way we put fuel in our diesel/petrol cars. As…


With iPhone X around the corner, here are some alternatives to AirPods

Ever since Apple in the controversial decision, removed the headphone jack from its flagship phone iPhone 7. People are skeptical about how it’ll turn out. To make things smoother and fill the market void. Apple released AirPods, the wireless earphones. Though there were already many Bluetooth headphones out there. But no earphone was as prominent…


Kali Linux Compatible Wireless Adapters/Dongles

Kali Linux is arcade to people who are just starting with it. Here are some versatile options for the right adapters for right formats. Kali Linux is an operating system basically made for the security and penetration testers professionals and choosing a wifi adapter can be very confusing sometimes because Kali Linux doesn’t support all…